Records Unit

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:00PM (except Holidays)

Phone Number: (843) 663-2285


-Depository for all incident Reports, Vehicular Accident Report, and all additional reports completed by Patrol/Investigation Officers.

-ABL Permits

-Parade/ Special Event Permits

Guidelines/ Fee Schedule for Reports

Incident Report Within 14 Days of Current Date

Victim- FREE

  All others- $5.00

Outside of 14 days of current date

  Victim- FREE

All others- must submit a Freedom of Information Act Request Form (FOIA)

Accident Reports

  $5.00 per report (regardless of involvement)

Payment Methods: Money Order or Cash

NOTE: All reports follow FOIA guidelines for Privacy and may be redacted and/or not releasable at this time.

NOTE: All Media Request for Incident/ Accident Reports must go through the Public Information Officer.


- Can you e-mail or fax my report to me and/or my insurance company? No. We do not e-mail or fax due to privacy issues. 

- How do I get a copy of my report? In person or mail the report to the address on the report. (verification needed for processing)

- Can you tell me information about a report over the phone? No. We do not give information regarding any report over the phone due to privacy issues.

- When will my report be ready? We do not give specific time frames. Officers are held to policies and procedures for completing and submitting reports. Once they have been submitted, reports must be approved by appropriate supervisors and if any changes must be made, the reports are sent back to the officer for correction. 

- How much is a report? See fee schedule above.

- Can anyone get a report? Yes per certain guidelines. 

- What is FOIA? FOIA stands for the Freedom of Information Act. This Act ensures that all business conducted by a government body is accessible for public review/copy. 

-Where can I pay my ticket? At the Atlantic Beach Police Department through Money Order or Cash.

- How do I get a copy of a ticket? You will need to go to the Atlantic Beach Police Department and obtain one through the Clerk of Court.

-How can I find out my court date? You will need to call the Atlantic Beach Police Department at (843)663-2285.