Basic Candidate School

School is always a huge available resource for members of the Atlantic Beach Police Department. This is where officers can gain knowledge about law enforcement. Sworn officers also attend classes to maintain their Class 1 Law Enforcement Certification.

Those attending the Basic Candidate School take a variety of classes, including Courtroom Procedures, Basic Marksmanship and Ethics in Law Enforcement. The ongoing in-service training program consists of four quarterly training sessions, with the focus on firearms, defensive tactics/ officer survival and emergency vehicle operations training. Additional training is also available. 

Mission Statement
The Training and Career Development Division is committed to setting the standard in law enforcement training. We are enthusiastic in our quest to bring our officers and civilian employees the best and latest in police training to help them reach their professional goals and ensure public safety. We ensure that training opportunities are provided on a continual basis during varied times/shifts. We do not think less of ourselves, we simply think of ourselves less. The officers and civilians who make up the Atlantic Beach Police Department are our first priority. We measure our success based on the results of the training on the personnel we serve, their satisfaction, and their success, and their ability to serve the public. 
Required Training

To maintain a Class 1 Law Enforcement Certification with the Atlantic Beach Police Department, officers must meet the South Carolina state regulations annually:

- Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle Training (non-emergency response training, emergency response training and pursuit training)

- Criminal Domestic Violence training (min 4hrs)

-Legal Update training (min 2hrs)

- Academy- approved elective training (no min) 

Certification lasts three years. The above must be accomplished each of the three years. Officers must have a total of 40 hours of qualifying training to be recertified. Am officer's certification date is normally the date they graduated from the academy.

Atlantic Beach Police Department Requirements

These minimum annual requirements must be met, along with the state certification requirements:

- Biased-based Profiling and Prevention training

- Drive

-Blood Borne Pathogen/ TB training

-Sexual Harassment Prevention training

- Firearms Qualification