Policies & Procedures
The Atlantic Beach Police Department strives to serve the community with integrity and in a professional manner. To achieve this goal and continue improving the quality of service the department provides the community, all employees must accept the responsibility for their role in maintaining integrity, quality and high professional standards. (Policies and Procedures are subject to change.) 

04.11.23 Law Enforcement Authority

04.11.23 Chief Executive Officer
04.11.23 Oath of Office

05.09.23 Organizational Structure and Responsibility 

04.19.23 Department Directives

05.19.23 Use of Force

05.09.23 Use of Force Review Boards

05.09.23 Standards of Conduct

04.11.23 Field Training

04.11.23 Portable Audio/ Video Recorders

04.19.23 Warrant Service

04.19.23 Recruitment and Selection

04.19.23 Personnel Complaints

04.11.23 Fitness for Duty