Property Check Request Form

Vacation Watch Forms are to be submitted to increase the Atlantic Beach Police Department patrol around your residence/business while you are away for an extended period of time. This form is not to be used for homes or businesses that are for sale, abandoned or in foreclosure. 

Property Checks will be performed within the Town limits as time permits. By submitting this request, you are releasing the Atlantic Beach Police Department of all Liability or Damages occurring during the requested time period. 

This form must be filled out completely by a resident of the town of Atlantic Beach. Please submit this form 7 days prior to your vacation. Thank you!

While this form is subject to public record, it is not releasable to the public absent a court order. Completion of this form does not guarantee that police personnel will check the property. Vacation watches are a courtesy to other department priorities. 

Submitter's Information Name
Address Street
Address City, State, Zip Code
Confirm Email:
Phone (home) (###) ###-####
Phone (work) (###) ###-####
Vacation Watch Dates: Start Date- End Date (MM/DD/YYYY)- (MM/DD/YYYY)
Vacation Watch Information Do you keep your radio and lights on timers when you're away?

- Are there any animals left on the property while you're away?

- If yes, what type of animal?
- May we throw away newspapers/ flyers left at your home?

- Do you have a home alarm?

- Do you have someone looking over your property while you're gone?

- If yes, what is their name and phone number?
- While you're away, can we contact you if anything looks suspicious?

- If yes, what is the phone number where you can be reached? (###) ###-####
Any other information you would like for us to know? (i.e. weekly pool cleaning services, etc.)