The Investigations Division is tasked with following leads developed during the initial reporting of serious criminal activity to the police department. The investigators are ready to respond anytime, day or night, to the needs of crime victims, or to the scene of any criminal activity including, but not limited to, Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, Arson, Aggravated Battery, Drug Distribution, etc. 

The members of the Investigations Division follow up on reports of serious criminal activity. The investigators establish that a criminal act was indeed committed, identify and apprehend the person responsible for the criminal act, eliminate the innocent and wrongfully accused, and attempt to recover any property and evidence. The Investigations Division is also responsible for examination of crime scenes along with coordinating the evaluation, collection, and maintenance of all evidence with the evidence technicians . The Investigations Division plays an integral part in assisting the State of South Carolina in prosecuting the suspect charged with an offense.

Criminal investigations include gathering information, interviewing parties, and collecting evidence. The arrests of offenders and recovery of stolen property or contraband is accomplished through the evaluation of crime trends and patterns, the identification and location of past and probable offenders, and the utilization of modern police technology and the forensic sciences.