Minimum Qualifications:

-Must be a United States Citizen

-Must be 21 years of age

-Must have a high school diploma or equivalent

-Must have a valid SC driver's license with a good driving record (No DUS or DUI convictions)

-Have not committed or been convicted of any felony or serious misdemeanor

- Be in good physical health


- Applicant CANNOT have a criminal record.

- Applicant MUST be of good character and be temperate in habits.

- Applicant CANNOT have DUI or DUS or any driving suspensions that occurred within the past 10 years.

- Applicant MUST have a good employment history

A complete background investigation for criminal convictions and drivers license violation record will be conducted through local, state, and national criminal record agencies. The Town of Atlantic Beach will not consider applicants for Police Officer positions who have a criminal record, physical or psychological deficiency which cannot be overcome, or a background that reflects poor character.