Crime Prevention

It is the responsibility of the Crime Prevention Unit to form and maintain partnerships between the department and the community, promote communication between the community and the department by holding meetings with members of the community. Educating the community on how to prevent crimes from occurring is the main mission.

We work closely with the community to ensure problems are solved jointly by preventing crime by means of a pro-active approach. Officer work in a partnership with the local community to deal with crime issues in the community. We achieve the goals of the Crime Prevention Unit and police department and are responsible for compiling and maintaining a profile of a region or area of patrol; identifying the causes of crime in the department's jurisdiction; identifying the need for crime prevention operations/ projects; developing and coordinating those projects; and attending community meetings. 

Knowing your neighbors helps awareness of suspicious activity in your neighborhood. In addition, in case of a natural disaster it is helpful to know which of your neighbors may need assistance i.e., elderly, physically handicapped, non-English speaking, etc.  

The Crime Prevention Unit offers a variety of crime prevention programs for community members of all ages. These programs are FREE and geared to helping all of us reduce crime and create a more livable community. 

The Department encourages any member of the community to visit the Police Department during normal business hours to have their Bike, Motorcycle, Vehicle, RV Camper, and Moped registered and entered into our records system.  Having this information can be a significant help in recovering a Bike, Motorcycle, Vehicle, RV Camper, and Moped if it is stolen. The registration process is free.

This is essentially the same program as our Neighborhood Watch Program, except that it is directed to businesses. Businesses look out for each other and report any suspicious activity. Should you wish to set up the initial appointment for a Business Watch meeting, contact Crime Analyst by telephone at 843-213-7156.

An officer will walk through your home or business and make suggestions on how to better secure your home or business. This includes Burglary assessment, personal Safety, Officer Friendly, and Fraud Awareness

This program is currently under development.

Design for the business community, this program teaches the preventative methods and tips on what to do and what not to do, during a robbery. This includes Commercial Armed Robbery Assessment.

Neighborhood Watch

One of the most powerful and successful tools we have. This is a program where neighbors look out for each other and report any suspicious activity. It is a program designed to create awareness in your neighborhood and it enables the police and community to work together to fight crime. Neighborhood Watch Meeting topics can be on anything, from earthquake preparedness to child safety. Remember YOU are the eyes and ears of the police department! Should you wish to set up the initial appointment for a Neighborhood Watch meeting, contact the Crime Analyst at 843-213-7156.

Vacation Watch Program

If you are planning a vacation, don’t forget to let the Atlantic Beach Police Department in on your plans.

When a resident of Atlantic Beach goes on vacation, the Police Department can offer extra patrol to check on your property. The Vacation Watch Program should give you some peace of mind while you’re away.

Please submit your request at least a week prior to your absence.