Monday - Friday

9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Town of Atlantic Beach | 717 30th Ave South Atlantic Beach SC 29582 US | 1-843-663-2284
  • A Business License must be displayed as proof of payment for the privilege to do business within Atlantic Beach. 

  • ALL business conducted within the town MUST have a license unless excluded per the town's business license ordinance.  This includes services performed for pay within the town when the business's physical address is outside of the town. 

  • A contractor's license does not cover subcontractors.  Subcontractors MUST have their own license.

  • A license to operate within the town must be obtained before opening for business. 

  • Business license renewals are due by July 1st each year. 

  • A 5% fee per month will be assessed on late applications and payments.

Town of Atlantic Beach